Curriculum & Speaking Engagements

The transition to life after sports begins long before retirement is actually upon us as athletes. Our Speaking Topics & matching curriculum is focused on helping athletes start to plant seeds where they explore who they are beyond the game, while they still play.
From books like Connect With Your True Identity Daily and Your Life Playbook, to courses and keynotes, we specialize in speaking with athletes in a language they understand.
At Forever Athlete, we believe that performance on the field is amplified when we take care of the person we are off the field. That happens when a holistic identity development approach is baked in to the culture of the team and supporting environment.
Our curriculum and consulting is perfect for teams & universities looking to better navigate the mental & emotional challenges that have become more present in today's sporting culture.
Contact us here to see how we can provide a custom solution for your situation.
Companies & Teams we've helped include Atlantic Coastal Conference, University of Delaware, Tinder, and more.