Finding the flow that sports provided you your whole life can be a challenge. As athletes, we can be left longing for those "better days" when life just seemed simpler working our ass off towards a clear goal everyday.

That's why Forever Athlete specializes in two forms of life performance coaching to help you find your zone and lock in beyond just your workouts:

1. One on One. A 6 month commitment to building out your mental, physical, and spiritual health. You work directly with our head coach, Cory Camp, to work towards your life goals. Through this process, we meet weekly (in-person if you live in ATX) and live troubleshoot your day-to-day while working towards the bigger picture of what you envision your life to look like. You can apply for 1:1 coaching here.

2. Small Group. A 10 week group program designed to help you get back into community again. These are run 4 times a year and our cohorts focus on building one another up as we work towards a common goal of being our best version of ourselves. We meet weekly (virtually) and you'll have access to our More Than Movement Curriculum which has 60 days of content to help you better learn how you find your flow state. You can apply for our next small group here.