Finding Your Flow Formula

Finding Your Flow Formula

Today I want to breakdown what it means to be in flow and how we can begin to find a formula that works for us to get into flow with more consistency.

Flow, or the zone as many of us in sports refer to it, is a state of total immersion into the task at hand. It’s when we feel the most productive, borderline superhuman, and it’s actually is a state of consciousness that we can get into through a series of flow triggers. Understanding these triggers and how they relate to us as individuals is exactly what performance coaching really boils down to. The better we understand how we respond to each trigger allows us to build our routines and habits to facilitate more flow into our life.

The beauty of flow is it isn’t limited to just one area of our life. As athletes we are most familiar with it in the sports setting, but it is something that we can experience in work (regardless of profession), relationships (romantic or not), and how we just show up in the world in general. That’s why I’m so passionate about flow, it’s the best performance enhancer out there.

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